Plazmoids! 1.63

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Plazmoids! 1.63

The main concept behind this game is pretty simple: get the fuel (plazmoids) before your enemy can get it. If the enemy manages to lay hands on the plazmoids, you’ll need to do battle and try to reclaim the stolen fuel cells. A simple conceit, yes, but it’s the gameplay that makes Plazmoids a really interesting game to play.

Plazmoids focuses on using ‘realistic’ momentum and acceleration for your ship’s movements. This feature makes for a game where you must use the utmost concentration and skill to ‘lasso’ the fuel particles with your tractor beam, and not drop them on your way back to base. And all this presented in attractive, colourful graphics – especially on higher resolution Palm devices.

The only aspects which let down Plazmoids in any way are the slightly confusing instructions provided with the game, and the poor standard of English used in in-game messages. This is not a major criticism, but I’m convinced that there are plenty of people out there who would proof-read a game before it’s published.

Plazmoids is certainly an addictive and original game, though, and certainly worth your time and memory card space.

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Size: 2.7 MB


3 stars

Operating System: Palm OS 5.0

Publisher/Developer: Palm-games

Release Date: Mar 9, 2011

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