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FlushIt! 1.3 Free

Clear junk files from your Palm

Card Export II 2.27 Trial version

Use your Palm as a USB mass storage device

CleanMemory 1.0a Demo

CleanMemory 1.0a-Free up memory by deleting unneeded bitmaps

DBCleaner 1.1 Free

DBCleaner 1.1-Reclaim memory by eliminating residual databases

Upload Plus 1.1 Demo

Upload Plus 1.1-Upload and store your PC files on your Palm Pilot

LaunchThis! 1.0 Free

LaunchThis! 1.0-Application to prevent storage card conflicts

PowerRUN 1.31 Trial version

PowerRUN 1.31-Launch Applications Directly from Your Memory Card

Card Launcher 1.1.5 Trial version

Card Launcher 1.1.5-Move installed apps to memory cards and maximise RAM

Sub-Launcher 1.0 Trial version

Sub-Launcher 1.0-Launch a new program without quitting your current one

FlushIt! 1.3 c Free

FlushIt! 1.3 c-Clear junk files from your Palm