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SwitchSync 5.0 Trial version

Synchronize with both palm Desktop and Microsoft Outlook

SMS Commander 1.08 Trial version

Take control of your palm with a text message

Pilot Install 4.5.0 Free

Increase the speed of synchronizations

One Mail 1.01 Trial version

Synchronize your PDA with GMail, Hotmail and Yahoo mail accounts

Fast Sync 1.0.0 Demo

Solution for automatically synchronizing your Palm PDA

OneTapSync 0.5B Free

Acceso directo para activa sincronizaciones remotas o locales

Syncer 1.0 Free

Free automatic sync solution

Vikao 1.2 Free

Vikao 1.2-2-click transfer of all your documents to your “pocket”

uMMC 2.0 Free

uMMC 2.0-Simple remote control for WinAmp

Mocha Remote Client 1.0 Demo

Mocha Remote Client 1.0-Access your XP desktop with your Palm device