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ColorDoodle 1.0 Free

ColorDoodle 1.0-Let your child\'s imagination grow with this fun program\n

KidsMath 1.0 Free

KidsMath 1.0-Improve your kids\' math skills with this fun game\n

Easy Math 1.0 Free

Easy Math 1.0-Educational tool for kids

Geometry Tutor 1.0.0 Demo

Geometry Tutor 1.0.0-Aids students and teachers the basics of Geometry Functions

Mathwizard 1.0 Trial version

Mathwizard 1.0-A basic math learning application to tune your math skills

PowerPlay 1.0 Free

PowerPlay 1.0-Guess the missing bases in this maths puzzle

U.S. History from MobileReference 1.1 Trial version

U.S. History from MobileReference 1.1-An ideal U.S. History quick-study guide

European History from the (high middle ages-modern day) 1.1 Trial version

European History from the (high middle ages-modern day) 1.1-Learn more about European history with this useful guide

mAthan 1.21 Free

mAthan 1.21-Prayer times in 100 cities worldwide

Think Fast: Math 3.5 Trial version

Think Fast: Math 3.5-Math game for the Palm PDA