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Planetarium 2.2 Trial version

Know the position of the planets and the stars in an instant!

JadeCompass 1.0 Free

JadeCompass 1.0-Find North based on the Sun\'s position

Skychart 4.52 Trial version

Skychart 4.52-Light up your Palm with this simple, free Planisphere

Astro Info 3.0 Free

Astro Info 3.0-Open source astronomy kit

Phoon 2.4 Free

Phoon 2.4-Study the moon on your PDA

Planets 1.1 Free

Planets 1.1-Data and images about the planets in our solar system

Sun Compass 1.8 Free

Sun Compass 1.8-Compass for Palm based on the relative position of the sun

Astromist 2.6.3 Trial version

Astromist 2.6.3-Locate and calculate the position of cataloged stars and planets