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Advanced Brain Trainer

Let's face it, whoever came up with the Brain Training series of games probably doesn't need to play them themselves. Judging by the mammoth success of the series, they already have plenty of brain cells up there.

The great thing about Advanced Brain Training is that it's not just a gimmick. I've tried them before and been pleasantly surprised with the improvements in my powers of recall and ability to solve logic puzzles.

Advanced Brain Trainer Deluxe is designed to provide the ultimate workout for your mind, allowing you to carry it around with you everywhere on your mobile device.

The game consists of a series of modules designed to boost your brain power over time. Each module is broken down into exercises that test different mental abilities.

For instance, the first module included in this demo version includes three different tests based around memory, logic and mathematics, all of them executed in the form of fun challenges with nice visuals.

The first task is to memorize shopping items and their prices. These items then pass along a checkout and after that you must try to remember how many of each item was bought and what the total cost was.

This is a lot trickier than you might imagine (well, for me at least). Then it's on to the logic element, where you need to remember two shapes before working out which of the four patterns they've been made to create.

Finally, it's on to a quick-fire addition and multiplication test.

The great thing about Advanced Brain Trainer Deluxe is the way the puzzles are presented.

Rather than just setting a series of tasks that you need to scroll through, some thought has gone into the way your development is realized on screen.

So, you get to choose from two coaches each with their own personality (Bill and Ann), who guide you through each of the modules, giving you advice and feedback on your performance.

You can also track your progress over time through charts and graphs that appear whenever you complete a module.

While some of the tasks seem a little too tricky at the start, the beauty of the brain training format is that when you view your progress chart, you will, more often than not, see an upward trend, proving that you'd be a dummy not to give it a go.

Well-presented and fun to play, Advanced Brain Trainer Deluxe offers a pleasant way to expand your gray matter while you're sat on the bus.

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Publisher/Developer: James Thornton

Release Date: Aug 20, 2015

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